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The Hot New Musical on Ice

THE THEME: A journey to the Winter Global Games; the heartbreak and exaltation.

THE PLOT: Competition - six talented skaters vying for gold, silver and bronze.

THE CAST: World Class figure skaters, coaches and "skating moms" performing their stories.

THE CONTENT: Soaring leaps, poignant story telling and soaring vocals.

THE SETTING: A behind the scenes glimpse into the world of competitive figure skating.

THE REASON: Just as "A Chorus Line" revealed the lives of dancers 30 years ago, Ice Champion reveals the struggle, ecstasy and heartache of the lives of skaters in this Broadway-bound musical.

About the Production of Ice Champion

“Champion Skater Procductions, LLC” is a production company whose sole purpose is to bring the highly innovative ice skating musical Ice Champion to Broadway. The musical focuses on the behind the scenes lives of world class figure skaters. In the way that "A Chorus Line" created a sensation in the 1970s depicting the trials and tribulations of professional actors, Ice Champion brings the behind the scenes sacrifices and joys of aspiring Olympic champions to the stage.

The creative team includes Emmy and Tony award winning producers and set and sound designers. This esteemed team is joined by theater veterans and a talented group of Olympic and World Class athletes. The innovative production design includes an on-stage ice rink and state-of-the-art lighting and sound, video technology and costume design.

Ice Champion has the potential to be the next "Wicked", "Lion King" or "Mama Mia" for the next Broadway season. As "Billy Elliot" told the inspiring story of a young dancer, Ice Champion gives audiences the first opportunity to see what happens “off ice” in order to get to the top of this wildly competitive and popular sport. Ice Champion appeals to adults, children, and skating fans from around the world. Figure skating is the most popular spectator sport amongst females (who also make up nearly 70% of theater ticket buyers), and will likely see an additional surge in interest leading up to the 2022 Olympics in Beijing.

In addition, the unique structure of the show was created to maximize the casting of well-known skaters, athletes and other celebrities. This will provide opportunity to grow the built-in audience of the international ice skating community and its fans and encourage repeat business as the cast changes.

There is a world of opportunity for Ice Champion beyond Broadway. Domestic and international tours can tap into the existing theatrical and traditional “ice show” audiences. The show can be scaled up to play the college or arena circuits. A reality television show, interactive campaign and feature film are all currently under discussion as ways to brand, market and ensure the success and longevity of the show.


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